Compact Controller Module

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Ethernet Communication

Using an optional on-board Ethernet breakout connection, this allows for simple diagnostics and communication with the controller and other peripheral devices.


A mobile machine controller for virtually any application


The ESX.3cs is a compact, modern-designed control unit from STW. It offers a high range of input/output options, and also supports a multitude of programming environments such as C, logi.CAD, CODESYS, and MATLAB. It is designed specifically for operation in hard mobile machines environments with scalability in mind.


For communication purposes, the ESX.3cs offers two CAN connections, an optional Ethernet, an RS232 port, and a LIN interface.


  • CAN x 2
  • I/O
    • 16 Inputs (SENT support)
    • 14 Outputs
  • On-board Ethernet (optional)


  • 32 bit TriCore @ 300 MHz
  • Flash - 4 MB Internal


The application software for the ESX.3cs can be created highly efficiently either in “C”, CODESYS V3.5 IEC 61131 or logi.CAD. In the programming interface, numerous convenient functions such as current controllers and ramp functions for outputs or frequency averaging for inputs are integrated.


  • Manufactured in Germany using the latest in advanced electronics for mobile machines and off-highway vehicles
  • Compact - small footprint without sacrificing computing power
  • Freely programmable - SIL2 rated for mobile off-highway industry safety standards
  • Cast aluminum housing - high resistance to shock, vibration, EMI/EMC, and drastic changes in temperature
  • Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of up to 50 years

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