Balancing Ruggedness and Performance for Next-Generation Mining

Technology for the Mining Industry

The mining industry continues to be an industry-leading space within the mobile off-highway machine market. The push to create globally connected mining operations through telematics systems has resulted in the drive for on-demand diagnostics and consistent machinery uptime. Our company helps to forge the path forward by providing flexible and future-proof hardware and software solutions to reduce your operational risks.

The diversity and power of our controls fit perfectly with the complexity of mining equipment. Applications in mining range from simple hydraulic control to complex algorithm development for process automation. We focus on understanding these needs with manufacturers to develop advanced machine features that create marketable machine advantages.

The mining industry continues to be intolerant of downtime. As market trends shift away from fossil fuels, efficiency becomes even more important for mining machinery and equipment manufacturers. Furthermore, as mining diversifies from fossil fuel to precious metals, it is more important than ever to be able to demonstrate these efficiencies. By combining rugged hardware with machine IoT solutions, efficiency statements can be easily supported with historical data.

STW takes great care in ensuring that our products provide the reliability and ruggedness required in these operations. Quality control and dependability are hallmarks of STW engineering and manufacturing – and the average mean-time-between-failure (MTBF) of our controllers is over 15 years. We perform full quality testing of every single device that is manufactured, consisting of automated optical inspection, a full in-circuit test and complete functional testing done at normal temperatures and then in extreme cold (-40º) and extreme hot (+85 ºC) to ensure the highest standards of safety during operation. With over 30 years of experience in the mining industry, our team is prepared as a leading innovator to help you close to gap to achieve “zero downtime” for all mining machinery.

Mining Machinery We Power

Our technologies are used on various types of mining equipment and machinery

Oil Drill Rigs

Ore Haulers

Tunnel Borers

Water Drill Rigs

Seismic Thumpers

Roof Support Control Systems

Large Mining Trucks

Hydraulic Mining Shovels

Large Dozers

Electric Rope Shovels

Rotary Drill Rigs

Large Motor Graders

Enhance Your Vehicle Systems



MM-IoT Hardware

When you add edge computing hardware to your vehicles, the possibilities are virtually limitless. This enables real-time tracking, remote servicing, and cloud connectivity for future data acquisition.

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Pressure Sensors

Get the most immediate pressure readings from your machines. Easy to add pressure sensors give you real-time values to help maximize the health of your machine during its lifecycle.

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Control Systems

Power your machines for any harsh working environment. Cur controllers are freely programmable with a unique architecture that allows you to easily expand I/O, CAN routing, and memory.

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Temperature Sensors

Get the most accurate, real-time temperature data. Easy to add temperature sensors give you more data points to give you insight to the health of your machine systems.

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Empowering Mining Applications

STW technology is used to support the latest solutions for mining machinery and equipment

Turbine Generator Control

Bi-Fuel Engine Control

Frac Fleet Control

Predictive Failure Sensing

Proprietary Pump Control

Remote Pump Monitoring

Ethernet Communication

J1939 ECM and TCM Control


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