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Technology for Forestry and Special Harvesting Machinery

Technology for the Forestry & Specialty Harvesting Industries

Across the forestry and specialized harvesting equipment market, the need for optimal performance and machine reliability in harsh conditions is paramount. In the often remote and extreme environments of these machines, connected solutions to monitoring operators and machine health are critical across this market.

Our team is experienced in delivering comprehensive product testing and predictable hardware life that creates competitive advantage for manufacturers of these robust machines. We also take a system solution approach to allow design flexibility by applying the right products that fit the needs of the machine design. Our freely programmable products enable the development of advanced intellectual property for specialized machine applications in this space. To inspire confidence and trust, our connectivity software allows solutions such as remote monitoring, predictive machine health, and machine to machine communication.

Out in the field, constant and consistent fleet operation is critical. If one machine is down it can halt the entire harvesting operation process – and this is unacceptable. Through the use of technologies on today’s forestry equipment, machines can consistently perform their functions in the chain of the harvesting operation. Improvements such as powertrain management and traction adjustments in the toughest conditions emphasize the need for confidence in the capabilities of your controller.

At STW, our hardware is proven to continually perform during common machine actions such as aggressive shaking that can create stress for other installed electronics. Our equipment is also meant to work freely, so that your specialized machine designs that rely on open-sourced software capabilities for feature development can be achieved. We can also assist in modernizing your harvesting fleet’s connectivity to increase yield and improve seasonal efficiency. Capabilities such as real-time data sharing to measure and compare crew performance, as well as predictive machine health monitoring to ensure equipment readiness are powered by our vehicle telematics and IoT solutions. Our team is ready to help move your machines into the future.

Forestry Machines We Power

Our technologies are used on various types of equipment and mobile machines

Brush Chippers



Log Skidders

Log Loaders


Stump Cutters

Tree Spades & Movers

Feller Bunchers



Log Slitters

Enhance Your Vehicle Systems



Pressure Sensors

Get the most immediate pressure readings from your machines. Easy to add pressure sensors give you real-time values to help maximize the health of your machine during its lifecycle.

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MM-IoT Hardware

When you add edge computing hardware to your vehicles, the possibilities are virtually limitless. This enables real-time tracking, remote servicing, and cloud connectivity for future data acquisition.

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I/O Expansion

Easily expand your vehicle I/O connections. Our I/O Expansion modules are controller agnostic so you don't have to worry about drastic control system redesigns.

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Control System

Power your machines for any harsh working environment. Cur controllers are freely programmable with a unique architecture that allows you to easily expand I/O, CAN routing, and memory.

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Empowering Forestry Applications

STW technology is used to support the latest solutions for forestry vehicles and specialty harvesting equipment

Hydraulic Load Sensing

Machine to Machine Communication

Remote Data Integration

Predictive Machine Health

Advanced Automation

Distributed Machine Control

Operator Monitoring

Onboard Power Management


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