Electric & Hydrogen Vehicles

Power Technology for Alternative Fuel Mobile Vehicles

Technology for Electric Mobile Machines

The continuing success of alternative fuel sources in passenger vehicles is paving the way for the next generation of mobile machines and commercial vehicles to fully utilize those same power sources. At STW, we bring a history of providing solutions for advanced vehicle development using electric and hydrogen power for vehicles such in transit, truck, and railway applications. Our products deliver proven performance and reliable operation through daily drive cycles for all seasons and geographies.

Our team invested early on to understand the complexity and challenges of electrification associated with the off-highway mobile machine market. We have performed extensive product testing for reliability in specialized vehicle system environments. At STW, we are confident in our product longevity to support extended machine service life.

Innovations and advancements in electric and hydrogen vehicle trends and technologies are happening at an incredible speed. Critical electric vehicles systems, such as battery management systems, need to be flexible and scalable for use across an entire family of machines to help simplify the design and production phases. As for hydrogen vehicles, onboard communications need to be fast and flexible so they can support the ability to control vehicle sub-systems and supervisory systems using advanced protocols such as ethernet and BroadR Reach.

At STW, we are always ready to iterate upon proven technologies to support the latest electric and hydrogen vehicle trends. We provide safety rated products for operational monitoring, along with enabling distributed control using flexible I/O for your vehicles high-current output requirements. We can also assist in modernizing your fleet’s connectivity at the same time as its fuel source. Capabilities such as remote system monitoring and proactive notifications are powered by our proven history of vehicle telematics and IoT solutions.

Electric Vehicles We Power

Our technologies are used on various types of vehicles and mobile machines

EV Transit Buses

EV Tractors

EV Transit Vans

EV Semi Trucks

EV Combines

EV Passenger Cars

EV Cargo Vans

EV Recreational Vehicles

EV Autonomous Shuttles

EV Waste Handlers

Enhance Your Vehicle Systems



I/O Expansion

Easily expand your vehicle I/O connections. Our I/O Expansion modules are controller agnostic so you don't have to worry about drastic control system redesigns.

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Power Splitters

No more complex power troubleshooting. Compact power splitters reduce wire harnessing by eliminating the cost of "T" and "Y" splitters. This also reduces your potential for corroded connections.

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MM-IoT Hardware

When you add edge computing hardware to your vehicles, the possibilities are virtually limitless. This enables real-time tracking, remote servicing, and cloud connectivity for future data acquisition.

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Control System

Power your machines for any harsh working environment. Cur controllers are freely programmable with a unique architecture that allows you to easily expand I/O, CAN routing, and memory.

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Empowering Electric Vehicle Applications

STW technology is used to support the latest solutions for electric vehicles and mobile machines

Battery Management

Intelligent Charging

High Voltage CAN Sensing

Cab Control

Remote Machine Management

Power Distribution

Central Electrics


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