Midsize Controller Module

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On-Board Ethernet Switch

With 5 total Ethernet connections and optional BroadR-Reach, this controller allows for centralized communications from peripheral devices that require high-speed data transmission.


Incredibly robust for demanding onboard processing

ESX.4cm-a Overview

The ESX.4cm-a is the latest next-generation midsize control unit from STW. It offers 4 CAN interfaces and up to 4 Ethernet interfaces, including Broad-R Reach to power your latest applications. With 32 Inputs and 29 Outputs, along with incredibly flexible programming options, the ESX.4cm-a is optimally designed to meet the high demands of your machine applications.


The ESX.4cm-a controller supports programming in C language and IEC61131-3 languages. Application development is done using openSYDE paired with logi.CAD. Learn more about application development for 4 Series Controllers here.


  • CAN interfaces:  4
  • Ethernet interfaces:  Up to 4
    • Options
      • 2 BroadR-Reach
      • Up to 2 additional Ethernet (100 Mb)
  • 1 LIN or 1 RS232 interface
  • I/O interfaces
    • Inputs:  32
      • Types:  Multifunctional, Analog
    • Outputs:  29
      • Types:  Digital, PWM High, PWM Low


  • Processor:  32 bit Aurix TC299 Multi-core  (up to 300MHz)
  • RAM:  2 MB Internal
  • Flash:  8 MB Internal
  • Data Flash:  16 MB Internal (optional)
  • EEPROM:  32 kB


  • Manufactured in Germany using the latest in advanced electronics for mobile machines and off-highway vehicles
  • Freely programmable - SIL2 rated for mobile off-highway industry safety standards
  • Cast aluminum housing - high resistance to shock, vibration, EMI/EMC, and drastic changes in temperature
  • Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of up to 50 years

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