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Technology for Municipal Vehicle Fleets

The municipal vehicle industry prides itself on completing jobs efficiently at the local level within the broader mobile machine market. However, with that need for efficiency comes pressure to complete tasks faster on increasingly limited municipal budgets. The need for reliable and flexible of system solutions, from simple hydraulic safety monitoring to data acquisition and analytics capabilities, are a must for today’s OEMs and integrators. We focus on understanding your solution needs so that we may help develop marketable machine advantages and features for your customers.

Our team has been a leading innovator for over 30 years by providing product solutions for municipal vehicles, emergency vehicles, and light construction machinery. We help manufacturers pave a path forward through software flexibility and futureproofing through hardware products so that they can adapt to the needs of the market without significant risk and high budget impacts.

Total efficiency can be achieved for municipal vehicles by powering them with the latest in electronic technologies. Flexibility in control systems – instead of systems limited by prepackaged software – allow for future feature implementation and help to improve machine performance over time. Modular hardware products also allow for easy adoption on systems already in use in the field, or still in the design stage, without redesigning an entire vehicle system or municipal fleet.

At STW, our products are ready to improve any municipal vehicle fleet – no matter the size or capabilities. We are well versed in adapting to the continuous evolution of machinery and are prepared with safety rated products that operate in any extreme environment or condition. Our hardware improves operational monitoring, along with enabling distributed control using flexible I/O for your vehicles high-current power and expansion needs. Along those same lines, the future of municipal fleets is not just limited to the onboard hardware. We can also assist in modernizing your fleet’s cloud connectivity and create such solutions as remote operator monitoring and proactive vehicle health notifications. Whatever your fleet size – our team is ready to work with you.

Municipal Vehicles We Power

Our technologies are used on various types of equipment and mobile machines

Garbage Trucks

Street Sweepers

Recycling Trucks

Maintenance Trucks

Screening Equipment


Directional Boring

Aerial Lifts


Hydro Excavators

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MM-IoT Hardware

When you add edge computing hardware to your vehicles, the possibilities are virtually limitless. This enables real-time tracking, remote servicing, and cloud connectivity for future data acquisition.

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Pressure Sensors

Get the most immediate pressure readings from your machines. Easy to add pressure sensors give you real-time values to help maximize the health of your machine during its lifecycle.

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J1939 Bus Splitters

Simplify I/O connectivity and routing on your vehicle. Our J1939 I/O splitters provide a cost effective and space efficient way of connection multiple devices to the CAN bus.

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Control Systems

Power your machines for any harsh working environment. Cur controllers are freely programmable with a unique architecture that allows you to easily expand I/O, CAN routing, and memory.

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Empowering Municipal Equipment Applications

STW technology is used to support the latest solutions for municipal vehicles and equipment

Proprietary Load Sensing

Safety-rated System Control

Precise Sensor Measurement

Predictive Machine Readiness

EV System Integration

Proprietary Pump Control

Remote Machine Management

Flexible Distributed I/O


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