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How Reach Works

Reach lets you configure all the data variables that you want to see from your vehicle or machine, and makes it easy to update settings across all of your assets.


Reach also has features to let you troubleshoot and interact with your machines remotely and helps you connect your data to various cloud services for all of your telematics needs.

Product Features


Remote Machine Diagnosis

Remotely diagnosis and troubleshoot your machine by viewing live data on the device, such as CAN bus traffic and log data.

Over-the-Air Updates

Whether a controller or a display, deploy software updates over-the-air to onboard machine peripherals and system controllers within your fleet with ease.

Custom App Deployment

Take advantage of our Linux-based platform by developing your own scripts to add custom capabilities and deploy them with Reach, ensuring compatibility with the entire system.

Data Configuration

Configure CAN data variables on your mobile machines and create custom preset profiles that can be deployed to new machines as they are added to the existing fleet.

Empower Your Machines


Remote Machine Servicing

No more sending technicians to a machine site. Provide remote service and support on your machine devices eliminating the need for manual updates in the field.

Remote Software Updates

Future proof your assets using Reach’s remote software deployment tools. Easily and safely deploy security patches to ensure your assets are operating to their fullest potential.

Any Cloud Connection

Need to have a separate server for machine development versus assets in the field? No problem. Reach can connect to virtually any cloud database.

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Remote Asset Manager

Intuitive Interface Design

Our easy to use platform makes it simple to deploy machine settings.

Real-time Diagnostics

Remotely create widgets and gauges to monitor live machine data.

Flexible CAN Variable Library

Create, import, and manage CAN J1939 variables for your machine.

Alerts and Notifications

Create custom conditional alerts that notify you based on your predefined thresholds.

Remote File Deployment

Deploy files remotely via USB to your edge device and update onboard machine electronics.

Edge Device Applications

Add custom applications to your edge devices and enhance the functionality to your assets.

Sleep Mode

Receive the latest information from your machines - even when they're inactive.

OTA Controller Updates

Remotely update software applications on your STW controllers.

Command and Control

Send CAN messages to the machine remotely to share information or commands with other devices on the machine network.

Custom Cloud Connection

Connect and transmit data to virtually any cloud server such as Elevāt, AWS, or Azure.

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