Technologies to Create Connected and Intelligent Watercraft

Technology for the Marine Industry

Just as the land-based vehicle industries have accelerated their use of sophisticated hardware and automated control systems, the marine watercraft industry is not far behind. Today, this industry is calling for the latest in advanced technologies that enhance vessel performance, allow for more user control, and provide the latest operational information. At STW, we bring a history of providing solutions for land-based mobile machines of all sizes that are ready to scale to virtually any marine watercraft application.

Our team has been deeply invested in helping manufacturers implement automation hardware and digitalization software to empower their development of next generation marine vessels and recreational watercraft. We offer robust, marine-ready electronics that have been extensively tested for reliability in any environment. Our telematics hardware enables cloud connectivity of marine vessel, and combined with our remote management software solutions, creates a truly connected watercraft experience.

Innovations and advancements within the automotive industry have created a framework that can now be adapted to watercrafts of any size. When it comes to the automation of today’s boats, nearly everything ties into the infotainment system for conditions such as engine status, control systems, power, navigation, and other special operational abilities unique to the type of vessel. For example, our set of power management solutions work seamlessly with solid state fuses and relays, allowing operators to easily diagnose and troubleshoot potential power issues.

When it comes to combining onboard hardware with cloud connectivity, our proven implementations of technologies are leading the industry. Utilizing our telematics solutions, vessels are remotely accessible so that operators are always up to date on their vehicle status – such as GPS location, use time, fuel and battery levels, and notifications of unexpected movement. This equips operators with the trust they expect in vessels, whether on-season or off-season.

Marine Watercraft We Power

Our technologies are used on various types of watercraft and vessels

Wakeboard Boats

Ski Boats

Personal Watercraft

Jet Skis



Cable Layer Vessels

Tanker Ships


Bulk Carrier Ships

Fishing Vessels


Enhance Your Vehicle Systems



MM-IoT Hardware

When you add edge computing hardware to your vehicles, the possibilities are virtually limitless. This enables real-time tracking, remote servicing, and cloud connectivity for future data acquisition.

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I/O Expansion

Easily expand your vehicle I/O connections. Our I/O Expansion modules are controller agnostic so you don't have to worry about drastic control system redesigns.

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Control System

Power your machines for any harsh working environment. Cur controllers are freely programmable with a unique architecture that allows you to easily expand I/O, CAN routing, and memory.

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Power Splitters

No more complex power troubleshooting. Compact power splitters reduce wire harnessing by eliminating the cost of "T" and "Y" splitters. This also reduces your potential for corroded connections.

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Empowering Marine Applications

STW technology is used to support the latest solutions for marine watercraft and vessels

CAN System Integration

Machine to Machine Communication

Operator Ergonomics

User-setting Automation

Operator Control Automation

Predictive Machine Readiness

J1939 Remote Monitoring

Remote Asset Tracking


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