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Asset + Data Manager

Together with Reach, elevate your machine cloud data and unlock valuable insights for device optimization and data monetization.

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Our Partnership


STW Technic and Elevāt share the belief that your customers’ mobile machines can deliver more. We have teamed up to offer the Reach + Elevāt Machine Connect IoT platform to allow you and your customers to connect easier, see more, understand better, and achieve cheaper and faster. Let us show you how.


Our Platform

STW Technic combines the usability and flexibility of Reach with the scalability and data analytics from Elevāt to provide a turn-key cloud solution for your MM-IoT needs.

Easily provision, set up, and troubleshoot your assets remotely with Reach, and receive all your device logged data to the Elevāt cloud for predictive maintenance, business intelligence, and aftermarket parts strategy among many other business insights.

Reach and Elevāt platforms communicate with each other, making all the changes you do in Reach automatically synchronize into your Elevāt cloud.

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Product Features


Cloud Data Storage

Collect all of your data in our cloud database, and easily perform analytics and generate reports from that data.

Maintenance Dashboard

Plan, track, and record a history of maintenance issues and services, and predict the next time your machines need to be serviced.

Machine Optimization

With Utilization Reports, learn how your machines are being used, and effectively make future design decisions based on historical machine data.

Aftermarket Parts Integration

Integrate with your CRM system, to forecast and lookup parts and service report, and to optimally reduce down time.

Unlock Your Machine Data


Remote Machine Management

Receive reports and alerts on any of your devices to give you vital, at-the-moment information about how your machines are being used and how efficient they are.

Productivity Reporting

Limit operators from making a significant impact on the uptime of your machines. Know exactly how your machines are being used in the field and stop service-impacting events before they happen.

Proactive Maintenance

Stay aware of what parts need to be replaced on your deployed machines before they cause a service-level impact. Utilize maintenance planning and tracking features alongside your historical service data to predict potential downtime before it happens.

Reach + Elevāt Plans



Asset Manager Only

Reach + Elevāt

Asset + Data Manager

Intuitive Remote Asset Management

Easy to use management system to deploy settings to your machines.

Real-time Diagnostics

Remotely create widgets and gauges to monitor live machine data.

Flexible CAN Variable Library

Create, import, and manage CAN J1939 variables and transmit CAN messages to your machine.

Remote Transfer of USB Files

Deploy USB files to your edge device and update onboard machine electronics.

Edge Device Applications

Extend the functionality of your edge devices by remotely deploying and managing custom Linux applications.

Sleep Mode

Configure devices to "wake" on an interval, send a log file, and then return to sleep.

Controller Flashing

Remotely update software applications on your STW controllers.

Advanced Map View

Track assets, group them as working clusters, and create fleet geofences.


Optimization & Utilization Reports

Create optimization and utilization reports to learn how your machines are being used.


Parts Dashboard

Connect to your CRM system to forecast parts and to generate service recommendations.


Maintenance Dashboard

Plan, track, and record a history of maintenance issues and services performed.


Custom Server Integration

Connect and transmit data to virtually any cloud database such as Elevāt, AWS, and Azure.


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