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A small, cost-effective, and freely programmable control module


The ESX.4ct is a small and freely programmable control unit featuring the latest processor and input / output technologies. With a the compact housing, it facilitates the automation of small machines and machine implements, and can also be used as a dedicated controller for specific tasks. Available in multiple variants, this device can house up to 22 Inputs and up to 13 Outputs.


The ESX.4ct controller supports programming in C language and IEC61131-3 languages. Application development is done using openSYDE paired with logi.CAD. Learn more about application development for 4 Series Controllers here.


  • CAN interfaces:  2 (3 Optional)
  • RS232 interface:  1
  • Inputs/Outputs
    • Inputs:  Up to 22
    • Outputs:  Up to 13
  • Pin-compliant with ESX.ioxp (previous series)


  • Processor:  32 bit Aurix TC367 Dual-core  (300MHz)
  • Flash:  4 MB
  • RAM:  576 kB
  • EEPROM:  32 kB
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