Telematics Data Module for MM-IoT

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Remote Technical Support

Combined with Reach Asset Manager, perform remote support over local USB or Ethernet connections on your machine devices, eliminating the need for manual machine software updates.


The Ultimate Edge Computing Device for MM-IoT Applications


The TCG-4 is the latest and most powerful on-board telematics module from STW. This digitalization platform offers multiple communication interfaces and a powerful 32-bit ARM processor; making new business models possible, and allowing for further innovation in existing ones. Designed especially to meet the demands of the mobile off-highway environment, the TCG-4 is the first step mobile machine OEMs should take in building their own MM-IoT strategy - maximizing return on investment by streamlining their fleet and business operations alike.

Wireless Communication

With versatile interfaces and protocols, the TCG-4 manages the communication within the machine, its onboard devices, among other machines (M2M), and to the internet and cloud services.
  • 4G LTE Modem (Cat 4)
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth

Connection Interfaces

The TCG-4 also offers a broad range of physical connections to the device so that it can be easily adapted to onboard machine communication networks.
  • CAN x 4
  • RS232 Serial x 2
  • Ethernet x 1
  • BroadR-Reach x 1
  • I/O
    • Digital Input x 4
    • Multi Inputs x 4
    • Digital Outputs x 2/3

Operating System

The onboard Linux operating system makes the TCG-4 an open ecosystem with endless possibilities for application development.


The TCG-4 makes it easy to access cloud capabilities through systems such as Reach Asset Manager, Elevat Data Manager, or third party connections. These allow for remote technical support, application distribution, and multiple device configuration for your mobile machines in the field.

Third Party Connections:
  • Azure
  • AWS
  • Bring-Your-Own-Cloud (BYOC)


The TCG-4's powerful ARM processor, DDR3 memory, and extensive data storage options facilitate data preprocessing at the edge, even before exchanging data with cloud services.
  • Processor - ARM Cortex A7 @ 696 MHz
    • Optional up to A9
  • RAM - 512 MB
    • Optional up to 1 MB
  • EEPROM - 128 kB
  • eMMC Memory - 8 GB
    • Optional up to 64 GB


The TCG-4 is robustly designed to operate through the shock, vibration, and temperature demands common in the mobile off-highway world. It complies and exceeds the standards in the automotive, agricultural, and construction machinery industries.

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