From OEMs to Operators: The Benefits of Real-Time Machine Data

October 4, 2023

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The mobile machine and off-highway vehicle industry is undergoing a transformation, thanks to the influx of digital technologies. Among these, real-time machine data has carved out a special place, promising unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness. One question, however, seems to resonate with all stakeholders: “Who benefits the most from these real-time data insights?” Whether you’re an OEM, a technician, a dealer, or an operator, the answer is increasingly clear: everyone has something significant to gain.

Machine Builders & OEMs – how can they benefit?

Enhanced Predictive Maintenance

Machine failures aren’t just inconvenient—they’re expensive. The urgency to fix a failed machine often leads to rushed decisions and even more errors. By leveraging real-time data, Machine Builders can transition from a reactive to a predictive maintenance model. This predictive approach allows them to foresee wear and tear on critical components, thereby avoiding the chain of events leading to costly emergency repairs. It also extends the lifespan of machinery, offering an excellent ROI.

Maximizing Machine Output

In today’s competitive environment, mere marginal gains in efficiency can lead to significant advantages. Real-time data allows Machine Builders to continually refine their designs, eliminating bottlenecks and optimizing workflows. Not only can they monitor existing systems, but they can also use historical data to make informed decisions about future designs, whether it’s through software updates or mechanical adjustments.

HMI UX/UI Improvements

Operators need to focus on their tasks, not wrestle with interfaces. Usage data and feedback can indicate which machine app visualizations are most important to operators. This can allow Machine Builders to make UX/UI improvements to best fine-tune their customer experience.
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Technicians and Dealers – how can they benefit?

Proactive Maintenance

For technicians and dealers, the old adage “time is money” holds exceptionally true. Proactive maintenance, powered by real-time data, allows them to schedule and perform repairs before a part actually fails. This can greatly enhance their service offerings, leading to stronger, long-term relationships with machine operators.

Remote Machine Troubleshooting

Gone are the days when a technician had to be dispatched to a remote site just to diagnose a problem. Modern telematics systems, especially when paired with advanced HMI solutions like the inSIGHT Display, can provide remote access to real-time machine diagnostics. This capability can significantly cut down service times and costs, improving customer satisfaction and freeing up resources for other critical tasks.

Simplified Fault Identification

Paired with the right HMI displays and intuitive operational apps created by machine OEMs, technicians can more easily identify and isolate faults, reducing machine downtime and service costs. Real-time data visualization is a valuable part of the diagnosis process that can offer immediate insight into overall machine health.
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Machine Operators – how can they benefit?

Active Load Monitoring

Efficiently managing loads can dramatically impact the operational efficiency of machines in sectors like construction or material handling. Real-time data, displayed via our inSIGHT Display, can offer operators immediate insights into load weights and distribution, helping them optimize each lifting cycle for maximum efficiency and safety.

Customizable Dashboards

Different tasks require attention to different metrics. Customizable dashboards on HMI displays like the inSIGHT Display can offer the flexibility that operators need. Whether they are monitoring fuel efficiency, load capacity, or machine speed, these dashboards provide real-time data that enhances decision-making.

Improved Safety Measures

Easily visible and informative alerts that immediately notify operators about system irregularities are crucial to machine safety. For example, real-time machine health data can serve as an early warning system for mechanical issues, and live camera feeds of the surroundings can help prevent costly accidents.
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The landscape of the mobile machine and off-highway vehicle industry is changing, and real-time machine data is at the heart of this change. Whether you build machines, service them, or operate them, embracing real-time data can bring tangible benefits that result in reduced operational costs, enhanced safety, and improved efficiency. Our inSIGHT Display is designed to serve as a cornerstone in this evolving ecosystem, offering versatile, user-friendly, and reliable real-time data visualization and interaction. As we’ve outlined, each persona in the mobile machine ecosystem has unique needs and challenges. By focusing on these and providing targeted, data-driven solutions, we can build a more effective, integrated, and efficient industry.

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