Body Control Unit

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Safeguard power distribution and control of onboard electrical vehicle systems


The efficient safeguarding, distribution, and diagnosis of power within the smallest possible space and with minimum installation effort are the core characteristics of the BCX.3clu. The modular character of the BCX.3clu makes customer-specific adaptations and the integration into a vehicle control system possible.

Key Features

  • Flexible programming in C and CODESYS v3.5 IEC61131
  • Compliance with standards for the automotive, agricultural and construction machinery industries
  • Error Diagnostics
  • Monitoring of relays, fuses and consumers in the on-board network
  • Modular design minimal wiring

Processor & Memory

  • TriCore TC1798 32 bit @ 300 MHz
  • SRAM: 128 kB internal
  • DSPRAM: 128 kB internal
  • SDRAM: 8 MB external
  • Flash: 4 MB internal
  • EEPROM: 32 kB

Communication Interfaces

  • 4 x CAN
  • 1 x RS485
  • 1 x RS232
  • 1 x Ethernet
  • 36 x Inputs
  • 74 x Outputs

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