Reach 4.1.0 Update – Release Notes

July 22, 2021

New Features in Reach 4.1.0

Additional CANTX Variables

  • Added additional device variables to the CANTX message list:
    • IMEI
    • GPS number of Satellites
    • GPS miles/hour

SIM Setup Improvements

  • Created an easier configuration of GSM/SIM settings on Reach Edge (accessing the device via an Access point)
If you are using an Elevāt SIM card provided by STW now it is easier to simply select the option that matches your SIM and all the APN, MNC, Carrier settings will be automatically configured by Reach. (this is a device update that will be released shortly after our server release. You do not have to do anything since all devices in the Reach system will automatically be updated when they connect to our Servers)

Log File Destinations

  • Added the flexibility to choose where to send log files so that now you can:
    • Keep on the device
    • Send to Reach
    • Send to Elevāt

Status Information in Connect Menu

  • Added additional device status information in the connect menu:
    • WIFI signal strength
    • SIM card number
    • Device IMEI number
    • SIM card settings (APN, MCC, MNC)

Export Device Lists as Text

  • Added the ability to export the Device list as a text file (CSV).

Flash Controllers with openSYDE


Bug Fixes

  • STW flash section in device connect page does not properly validate <select> element for number of can message data bytes
  • Device connect – ynetworkd tab not showing up when wifi client is enabled
  • gpsreader fails to initialize the accelerometer occasionally
  • Missing label for log job Name field
  • Validation messages on input forms not showing up

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