Reach 5.2.0 Update – Release Notes

October 3, 2022

Reach 5.2.0 Update


Collection Cloning

This new feature allows users to easily clone collections found under the Library subsection.
Reach 5.2.0 Update - Latest Feature - Collection Cloning

Motion Wake-up Improvements

This new feature improves the motion wake-up functionality by allowing users to set the precise axis value to monitor in accelerometer. We also added the ability to wake devices from sleep using a CAN message (requires latest BSP and specific hardware variant).
Reach 5.2.0 Update - Latest Feature - Motion Wake Up Improvements

Remote Firmware Management

This new feature adds a new modular mechanism for remotely updating firmware on TCG devices. You have the option of updating device firmware individually, or you can select multiple devices and update all firmware at once.
Reach 5.2.0 Update - Latest Feature - Firmware Management

Release Notes – Reach 5.2.0


  • Added the ability to clone collections.
  • Improved the motion wake up mechanism, by allowing users to configure which axis to use in the accelerometer for motion wake detection.
  • Added support to wake up devices from sleep with a CAN message. (Requires latest BSP update and specific hardware variant).
  • Added a modular remote firmware update mechanism for TCG devices.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue when refreshing on the device connect page caused an error.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the device name to not wrap within the pop-up menu.
  • Fixed an issue where a device was showing GPS connected status when it had no signal.
  • UI improvements to better support profile bulk actions menu in mobile devices.


  • General usability improvements.

Release Notes – Reach Edge 3.3.0


  • Added support for BSP/firmware remote update mechanism.
  • Added the ability to send BSP information to the Reach portal (required for Reach firmware update feature).
  • Added the ability to recover from an interrupted reach_edge update.

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