STW Technic and JEM Technical Highlight Their Continued Partnership

July 26, 2022

An exceptional AIP Program supporter and marking a milestone of continued partnership.

STW Technic + JEM Technical

July 27, 2022 – Norcross, Georgia – STW Technic, an award-winning provider of electronics and software for automation, digitalization, and electrification of mobile machines, today highlights a milestone of continued partnership between itself and JEM Technical – experts in fluid power and motion control products for that advance OEM and end-user applications.

Since 1984, JEM Technical has earned a solid reputation and gained recognition across the Midwestern United States as a quality distributor and manufacturer of custom engineered valves, manifolds, and electronics control products. Today, customers across North America rely on their 35+ years of dependable engineering and business experience to help them design and build fluid power system solutions for extremely robust applications.

Combined with STW Technic’s team of field sales engineers and their own industry experience, the two companies are able to offer an incredibly wide knowledge base for addressing even the toughest mobile machine applications.

Industry Knowledge & Expertise

“STW Technic’s extensive software knowledge and expertise provides JEM the support we require to continue to develop applications aimed to improve our OEM customers machine performance and system efficiencies in the construction, agricultural, and utility machine markets,” says Andrew DeRung, Director of Sales and Marketing of JEM Technical. “One of the reasons we enjoy working with STW Technic is because of their swift and knowledgeable support. The applications we are involved in typically have very stringent requirements, with short project deadlines. It is critically important for JEM to have partners like STW Technic that help us get the information we require to keep our projects on track, and ensure we are meeting our OEM customers project timelines and expectations,” continued DeRung.

“To be an AIP (Authorized Integration Partner) of STW Technic, you must be willing to offer all of our products,” says Chuck McPherson, National Integration Channel Manager of STW Technic. “The team at JEM Technical does an outstanding job as an AIP when it comes to the sale and integration of our products in their customer solutions.”

“STW Technic provides our team with latest field proven, mobile machine ready products and technologies in the market. We trust that their full range of sensors, controllers, displays, and MM-IoT products will be able to operate and survive the harshest of operating conditions,” says DeRung.

An Optimal Combination

“JEM enjoys working with STW Technic’s solutions because it positions our company as a technology leader in the industry,” says DeRung. “JEM’s systems integration capabilities coupled with STW Technic’s extensive hardware design and software knowledge is a perfect combination of each company’s core competencies and is really what allows our two companies to make an important impact on improving and advancing our OEM customers machine technologies,” continued DeRung.

“JEM has an excellent reputation in the fluid power industry,” says McPherson. “When we first engaged with JEM, they happened to be building out an engineering team that aligned with our goals. Once we started working together, we quickly realized our synergies and how well our long-term goals aligned.”

“JEM is also a family company, much like STW Technic,” concluded McPherson. “From ownership-down, there is a central attitude of working diligently and respectfully, delivering quality solutions and honest guidance, all while having fun during the process. We look forward to our continued partnership with JEM Technical and reaching more milestones in the future.”

About STW Technic

STW Technic is an innovative leader in the design, manufacture, and implementation of electronic solutions for mobile machines and off-highway vehicles. We partner with machine manufacturers, system integrators, and distributors to provide engineered and highly reliable connectivity, automation, and power management solutions to truly empower their mobile machines. We offer the latest in Mobile Machine IoT hardware and software solutions, such as our market-leading remote asset management platform – Reach. We also provide solutions such as openSYDE – our systems configuration tool – to support the entire lifecycle of your machine.

About JEM Technical

JEM Technical is a fluid power systems integrator for original equipment manufacturers and industrial applications. JEM designs and manufactures custom valve manifolds that include industry leading cartridge valves and electronics which are also available independently through authorized distribution territories in the United States and Canada. The fluid power and motion control experts at JEM Technical have the knowledge and expertise to improve the technology of your equipment to achieve maximum system efficiency. For more information about JEM Technical and their offerings, please visit their website:

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