STW Technic and Osmosis Announce Their Technology Partnership

September 21, 2022

Empowering the leaders in OEM telematics solutions for the marine industry.

STW Technic + Osmosis

September 21, 2022 – Norcross, Georgia – STW Technic, an award-winning provider of electronics and software for automation, digitalization, and power management solutions for mobile machines, today announced their technology partnership with Osmosis – a market-leading provider of turn-key telematics solutions for the marine industry.

At Osmosis, their mission is to connect suppliers, manufacturers, dealers, and end customers to their boats over a cellular connection from anywhere in the world.

Their platform includes custom-branded consumer apps for end customers to access helpful information about their boating experience, it also enables dealers to provide levels of proactive service that are not otherwise achievable. For OEMs, Osmosis eliminates the time delay between experiences in the field and gives valuable anonymized information to engineers for product improvements.

“I believe all boats will be connected; it’s only a matter of when,” said Sean Marrero, President of Osmosis. “Boats are becoming floating computers, and it makes no sense to ignore the best information we have for creating a better customer experience. It’s already there.”

“We work together with the Osmosis team to deliver the latest and most comprehensive IoT solutions to the marine market,” says John Sibiski, Director of Sales & Marketing of STW Technic. “As their chosen technology partner, our hardware is designed to scale and grow with the market, whether you’re a marine OEM, dealer, or boat owner, Osmosis’ IoT solution makes what was once unknown – known.”

With over 10,000 units currently in the field, Osmosis is among the largest providers of telematics solutions in the recreational marine watercraft industry.

“Our partnership with STW Technic is an important factor for the growth of Osmosis,” continued Marrero. “We look forward to the years ahead and what they will bring for both our teams.”

About STW Technic

STW Technic is an innovative leader in the design, manufacture, and implementation of electronic solutions for mobile machines and off-highway vehicles. They partner with machine manufacturers, system integrators, and distributors to provide engineered and highly reliable connectivity, automation, and power management solutions to truly empower their mobile machines. They offer the latest in Mobile Machine IoT hardware and software solutions, such as our market-leading remote asset management platform – Reach. Their team also provides solutions such as openSYDE – our systems configuration tool – to support the entire lifecycle of your machine.

About Osmosis

Osmosis is a leading provider of turn-key telematics in the marine industry. Osmosis is focused on creating a better boating experience by bringing customers, dealers, and manufacturers together under a platform with custom branding and a robust legal and privacy framework. For more information, please visit their website:

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