STW Technic Brings Off Highway Sensors and Pressure Cells to Sensors Expo 2019

June 25, 2019

STW Technic will be exhibiting at Sensors Expo 2019 (Booth 1632) to showcase innovative pressure sensors, inclinometers, and other measurement solutions.

Sensors Expo 2019

Sensors Expo 2019

The Off-Highway sensor market demands high performance in adverse conditions. STW Technic’s sensors are highly regarded in the mobile off highway industry for their rigorous testing, high quality German engineering, and unmatched flexibility. Over the last year, STW Technic’s sensor sales have more than doubled with growing recognition STW sensors are uniquely accurate, reliable and durable. STW Technic’s pressure cells are designed for harsh ambient conditions and are known for their reliability. These sputtered thin film measuring elements have already been road tested in the European market and are being brought to the US to offer a complete solution for OEM needs. The OEM and OPTI pressure measurement cells are stainless steel sensors.  They are typically welded onto a stainless steel adapter of the customer’s choosing.  The electrical connection is realized via bonding (the OPTI version) or soldering (the OEM version). The sensor can also be delivered pre-welded onto an adapter. The OEM and OPTI measurement cells cover a temperature range of -40…+200°C /  (-40…+392°F). More information on these pressure cells is available here.

New Developments in Thin Film Technology

Of special interest are new developments in STW Technic’s thin film technology used in their pressure elements. This unique thin-film technology permits the coating of material with the lowest hydrogen-related limitations during the manufacture of their own measurement cells and sensors. This alloy (316L) is outstandingly resistant to embrittlement through hydrogen, and is also the second-most frequently produced stainless steel, meaning that it is inexpensive to procure. By coating measuring cell blanks with TiON (titanium oxynitride), measurement cells with a high k-factor (gain factor) can be produced which permit the use of amplified circuits with a high signal-to-noise ratio. The measurement cells and sensors from the 316L group, which are suitable for use with hydrogen, supplement the existing M01 pressure transmitter portfolio, which already comprises 1.5 million variations, so that the pressure and temperature of hydrogen can be measured. Says Bob Geiger, President: “At STW Technic, we put a lot of emphasis on finding out exactly what our customers need so that we can provide tailored solutions for them. Being at Sensors Expo helps get us face to face with customers and feel the pulse of the industry and share what we have learned by working with customers in the area for the last several years”. Sensors Expo 2019 is being held in San Jose, California this year from June 25-27. STW Technic will be in booth 1632.

About STW Technic

STW Technic is an innovative leader in the design, manufacture, and implementation of electronic solutions for mobile machines and off-highway vehicles. We partner with machine manufacturers, system integrators, and distributors to provide engineered and highly reliable connectivity, automation, and power management solutions to truly empower their mobile machines. We offer the latest in Mobile Machine IoT hardware and software solutions, such as our market-leading remote asset management platform – Reach. We also provide solutions such as openSYDE – our systems configuration tool – to support the entire lifecycle of your machine. All of STW Technic’s products are mobile off-highway rated.