VDSR 1.2.0 – Update

August 17, 2017

Dashboard Layout Changes

VDSR 1.2.0 brings a series of Dashboard layout changes to make the application easier to navigate and provide a cleaner and simpler look.

Navigation Menu

The buttons and icons on the navigation menu have been redesigned to allow for better visibility of all menu buttons and to take less space on the screen. The menu bar itself has also been streamlined increasing the space dedicated for content.

Map widget

The map has been taken out of the separate tab where it used to be and has been embedded on top of the device list, and it now provides button controls to hide the map, display the legend or fit the map view to display all devices on the map.

Search Bar

The search bar has been updated allowing users to search for information faster. Simply type a keyword in the search field and the system will automatically search for a match in all of its categories.

Old concept

New  concept

New Themes

We have added 4 new themes, Botany, Malachite, Bourbon, and Mist. As always, an administrator can change the theme for his/her company by going to the Admin page, selecting Settings and clicking on the desired option from the Theme tab.  

Diagnostics Experience

Small enhancements that make the diagnostics experience more user-friendly. In addition to the sort button, we have added the ability to search for signals when mapping variables to gauges, this is particularly beneficial when having large amounts of variables to sort through.  

Performance Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Most importantly, a series of bug fixes and enhancements were implemented to enhance the reliability and performance of the system. For a list of all bug fixes please download the release notes below.

VDSR_1.2.0 Release_Notes

VDS Solution Overview