VDSR 2.6.1 – Update

May 12, 2020

New Grid System for Diagnostics

As you know, we are constantly working on bringing new features and improving the user experience of our Telematics products. We do this by listening to all of your requests and feedback that we get from you the users.

More recently regarding our Diagnostics many of you reported:

  • Having issues using the Diagnostic screens on mobile devices due to the widgets not resizing accordingly.
  • The Free Floating style of our widgets made it a little more difficult to keep an organized layout, where widgets were not exactly aligned on the screen.

We have then implemented a new Grid layout system for all of our widgets, now when adding widgets they will automatically be placed on the grid.

Original Version

New Version



The order of the widgets on the screen can be rearranged as desired by the user simply by dragging and dropping the widget into the desired space.


On Mobile Devices

More importantly, the grid layout auto-adjusts to any screen size allowing the use of the diagnostics page on mobile devices. The following image is a comparison between the old “Free Floating” system and the new Grid System, as viewed on a mobile phone.

Original Version

New Version



Simplified Device Pagination

We’ve also simplified the look and operation of pagination when browsing devices in VDSR.

Original Version

New Version



Release Notes

  • Diagnostics Grid System
  • Simplified Device Pagination to improve performance
  • Modified the filter bar to make use of the new pagination

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an error when users attempted to update a device belonging to a client group.
  • Fixed an issue with the DBC file imported and added support for all 4 CAN bus ports for the TCG4.
  • Fixed some permission issues with the CAN Tx feature and File upload for the Flashloader.