Pressure Transmitter

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A robust stainless steel transmitter that can be used in multiple media environments


The M01-CAN pressure transmitter has been especially designed for applications in mobile machines. The EMC characteristics as well as the shock and vibration resistance are engineered especially for the applications known for challenging ambient conditions - the field of mobile hydraulics, for example. With all STW’s sensors manufactured at an ISO/TS 16949-certified company - and having E1-approval, this excellent price/performance ratio makes this pressure transmitter especially interesting for series production - for Mobile Machine OEMs and integrators alike.

J1939 and CANopen

J1939 and CANopen capabilities, compatible with STW’s intuitive PEAK configuration software, gathering data, setting preferences, managing alerts, and extensive libraries of templates and saveable custom settings is simple. The M01-CAN, in combination with the PEAK software, offers a huge range of variants needed for pressure measurement, by offering a building block approach for pressure transmitters. This unique offering differentiates the M01 from all other transmitter ranges on the market.

Two Versions, Maximum Flexibility

The M01-CAN is available in two different Versions. For pressure ranges of 0 … 0.25 bar there is a silicon sensing element, and for pressure ranges of 0 … 1,000 bar (up to 2,000 bar for common-rail applications) a welded thin-film pressure cell is used.

Maximum flexibility is achieved through its modular design - some of the most customizable options on the mobile machine market today are achievable with the CAN enabled features on the M01-CAN sensor. An optional software package for the CAN interface allows for the user to set even more parameters.

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