Modular Central Electrics Board

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Reduce cable harnesses and expand fuse relays using modular and compact boards


The efficient safeguarding and switching of power within the smallest possible space and with minimum installation effort are the core features of the ZEX.0209-a.

Key Features

  • Suitable for 12 V and 24 V applications
  • Power supply via M5 power socket up to max. 70 A
  • 7 fuse sockets for ATO fuses (for standard ATO fuses)up to max. 15 A
  • 2 additional sockets for ATO fuses up to max. 30 A to protect the relay
  • 2 mini relay sockets, 5-pin
  • Rear connector 18-pin, 3 rows – JPT and MCP compatible
  • High thermal load capacity
  • Shock and vibration resistant

Technical Data

  • Operational temperature: -40 °C to +85 °C
  • Max. power supply
    • 70 A (at 65 °C)
    • 65 A (at 80 °C)
  • Input: Power element socket M5
  • Output: Connector 3 rows, 18-pin, JPT/MCP compatible
  • Recommended cable cross-section for connector:
    • Current ≤ 15 A: 7.5 A per mm²
    • Current > 15 A: 5 A per mm²

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