VDSR 2.4.10 – Update

As we are preparing for the end of the year, we thought we could not let you get ready for the celebrations without bringing some presents right before the holidays. The VDSR 2.4.10 update comes packed with some jolly good treats that we hope you all enjoy. Learn more below. What’s New Panel USB File Management Sleep Mode Bug Fixes … Read More

VDSR 2.2.0 – Update

STW is proud to announce the release of a new version of VDSR and with it a set of new features to take advantage of the soon to be released TCG4 Telematics module.   DM1 Error Codes The detection of J1939 DM1 messages is enabled by default. Users can now create log files that contain all their alarm information including … Read More

VDSR 1.2.0 – Update

Dashboard Layout Changes VDSR 1.2.0 brings a series of Dashboard layout changes to make the application easier to navigate and provide a cleaner and simpler look. Navigation Menu The buttons and icons on the navigation menu have been redesigned to allow for better visibility of all menu buttons and to take less space on the screen. The menu bar itself has also … Read More