Rugged Technology for Agriculture Machinery

Technology for the Agriculture Industry

The Agriculture market continues to be an industry-leading space in the mobile off-highway machine market. Farmer operations globally deal with the pressure of limited productivity windows, which puts the focus on equipment reliability, proactive serviceability, and overall farm management. STW has been a leading innovator for over 30 years for Agricultural OEM’s with continued innovation in the mobile rated sensors and modular controllers.

Farm management Information systems have turned tractors from being simple machines to being sophisticated data communication hubs that deliver unique agronomy formulas to optimize crop yield. Farm operations expect tractors to manage complex automation systems with plug and play ease. Critical decision making for the end-user is driving increased crop yield and operational efficiency during shortened seasonal cycles.

The advent of telematics in the agriculture market has led to improved dealer serviceability , machine reliability, and reducing machine design time. These types of innovations continue to be the cornerstone of the agricultural equipment market with the emergence of electrification and autonomous machine design is on the horizon.

STW strives to continually adapt and understand your market needs and works with you to maximize your return on investment through your machine lifecycle with the latest in dependable technologies. Reliability and ruggedness are trademarks of STW controllers, sensors, and peripheral products – the mean time between failures for our controllers is over 15 years at the component level.

Through the continuous evolution of precision agriculture machinery, the complex control systems between tractor and implement have accelerated the potential for innovation for Agricultural OEMs. For example, with the rise of no-till farming, control over complicated operations from the tractor have led to a rise in technology down to the crop row.

OEMs and technology partners that manage risk by supporting distributed control systems that offer system solutions including machine control, multi-port communication, modular I/O, and focused sensing solutions is now the market expectation. Such innovations as wide adoption of AEF’s ISOBUS standards for virtual terminal, and task controller client for section and rate control, have led to advanced automation on farming implements.

The farm operation also expects configurable, easy-to-use IoT and telematic solutions that offer data accessibility to various ecosystems and operation stakeholders for critical decision making. At STW, we help keep you relevant by providing future-proof solutions to maximize your market position through technology investments that enable you to thrive in this new competitive landscape.

Agriculture Machines We Power

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Planting Equipment

Bale Movers

Bale Wrappers

Fertilizer Spreaders

Haying Equipment


Feed Trucks & Wagons

Mowers & Conditioners

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I/O Expansion

Easily expand your vehicle I/O connections. Our I/O Expansion modules are controller agnostic so you don't have to worry about drastic control system redesigns.

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MM-IoT Hardware

When you add edge computing hardware to your vehicles, the possibilities are virtually limitless. This enables real-time tracking, remote servicing, and cloud connectivity for future data acquisition.

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Power Splitters

No more complex power troubleshooting. Compact power splitters reduce wire harnessing by eliminating the cost of "T" and "Y" splitters. This also reduces your potential for corroded connections.

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Temperature Sensors

Get the most accurate, real-time temperature data. Easy to add temperature sensors give you more data points to give you insight to the health of your machine systems.

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Empowering Agriculture Applications

STW technology is used to support the latest solutions for agriculture vehicles and equipment

Precision Farming

Machine to Machine Communication

ISOBUS VT and Task Control

Rate Monitoring and Control

Coordinating Seeding and Harvesting Fleet

Downforce Control

Asset Productivity Tracking

Operator Monitoring


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